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PPC Management

Why Google Ads

Studies show, that sponsored Google Ads account for 64.4% of clicks, for high commercial intent keyword searches.

Almost two thirds of the traffic for a search term, i.e ‘auto repair’, are clicking on the Google PPC ads at, or near, the top of the page.

That represents a huge number of website visitors and  potential leads that you are missing out on!


How It Works

Your prospective customers tend to search by topic and city (e.g. “Auto Repair Bend Oregon” ) in which case, its likely your business won’t show up, especially if you’re in a neighboring city.

Quite often, they’re seeking information you could easily provide in an ad, be it your expertise, this weeks special offer, or the latest, most sought-after product.

PPC Managment

Benefits Of PPC Management

Audience PPC Targeting

Audience Targeting

With PPC management, you can show your ads only to people who are interested in your products or services.

Pay For Performance

Aside from a small management fee, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

Certified Specialists

Our team is Google Partner Agency. We are held to a strict quality standard and globally recognized by Google for our efforts.

Detailed PPC Reporting

Detailed Reporting

PPC Management offers some of the most detailed reporting of your marketing performance. Cut down on a wasted budget!

Mobile PPC Managment

Mobile / Call Only Campaigns

If your business prefers phone calls over website visitors, we can create call only ads to get the phone ringing with prospects!

Location Targeting

With PPC management you have complete flexibility on where your ads are shown. You can show ads in certain cities, states, countries etcs.

Types Of PPC Management

Although Google is the number 1 search engine with the majority of search volume, you would be surprised how many potential customers you can reach on the following PPC management platforms! 

The best part is many of the following networks are virtually untapped for many industries!

Facebook PPC Managment

Facebook PPC Management

Our clients LOVE Facebook PPC management for many reasons, but there are 2 that always come to mind. It’s very targeted, and very cheap!

YouTube PPC Managment

Probably the most under utilized platform with many of todays small & medium sized businesses. With targeted views only costing pennies it’s very effective.

Yahoo Bing PPC Management

Yahoo & Bing Network

Although Google is far more popular, Yahoo and Bing have been making a steady comeback in search volume. Usually costing much less per click as well!

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