As Google continuously changes its Search Engine Algorithms it can become difficult to stay up with the latest SEO trends. Which brings us to an ever growing question, Is PPC (Pay-Per Click) A Better Option Than SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Is PPC better Than SEO?

As a Google Partner Agency specializing in both SEO and PPC we get to see both sides of story, so is PPC really better than SEO? The real question is this…

Do you want results Now, or the possibility of results Later?

The short answer is this…

With PPC Advertising you can almost instantly start driving traffic to your business via Online Clicks, Phone calls, or In-Store Visitors. Because PPC is so data driven your PPC Manager can instantly begin testing what is having the greatest impact on your Return On Investment and adjust the advertising spend accordingly.

SEO on the other hand takes longer, you can spend months trying to rank in Google for keywords that may or may not add revenue to your bottom line. Once you are able to get ranked, you can only hope that the keywords you are ranked for with generate revenue for your company.

So if you’re looking for fast results, Yes, PPC is a better option than SEO!

Our Online Marketing Approach

For our agency it’s not about choosing one or the other.

We use an Integrated Online Marketing approach so that we can generate results quickly while planning for long term growth.

We do that by creating a broad PPC campaign, generating leads for your business from all corners of the inter webs. After we have some statistical data (i.e.  what leads are turning into $$$ for our clients) we then begin to trim down the campaign and focus your advertising budget on the ads and keyword terms that are generating revenue.

Once we have created a successful PPC campaign we can then use that data to structure our SEO campaign. That way we are not putting in months of hard work trying to rank for terms that may not produce the results we were hoping for.

The only time we would deviate from this plan is if your business has a long standing online presence. But if you’re a new company, or for that matter new to the online space, competing in SEO with a seasoned website is very, very difficult.

The bottom line is this, things change online quickly. If you’re only relying on SEO you can be left high and dry in a moments notice if algorithms change.

If you haven’t already, Its time to diversify!

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